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New Kid and Baby Products From ABC Kids Expo 2018

170+ New Baby and Kid Products You'll Wish Were Invented Sooner

New Kid and Baby Products From ABC Kids Expo 2018
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

As parents, it's hard not to have a little bit of a "grass is always greener" complex. After months of searching and spreadsheeting, we finally purchase the stroller of our dreams, only to have instant buyer's remorse. After just a few uses, we've already identified the things we wish it did differently, and we're already making eyes at other makes and models.

That's essentially what it feels like to roam the aisles of the annual ABC Kids Expo — one of the world's biggest trade shows of parenting products — in Las Vegas.

Every car seat has more bells and whistles than the last, every swaddle has a prettier print or a softer fabric than the one before it, and every new invention feels like something we don't know how we survived without up until now.

From products that promote diversity to ones that encourage a cleaner, greener way of life, the forthcoming must haves are the stuff of a millennial mom's dreams: there are glasses to protect our kids' eyes from the blue light of their iPad screens, bags that let working moms feel stylish while lugging their breast pumps to and from the office, and outlet covers that you'd actually want to Instagram. And that's just the beginning.

Keep reading to see which of the nearly 175 finds you'll want to get your hands on . . . even if you already own last year's version.

Additional reporting by Alessia Santoro.

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