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One More Shot Netflix Documentary Trailer

The Trailer to This Infertility Documentary Painfully Yet Powerfully Captures the Struggle to Conceive

Maya Grobel and Noah Moskin met in a film class in college, so when they got married and decided they were ready to start a family, the camera naturally came out. But what began as a planned five-minute video for their future baby has since turned into a full-length documentary providing a firsthand look at what it's like to struggle with infertility.

The 90-minute film, titled One More Shot, is now available to stream on Netflix and follows the couple through the last three of their five years trying to conceive.

"The people that wanted to do extraordinary things with their lives couldn't do one of the most ordinary – make a baby," Noah narrated. "We're normal people trying to start a family . . . and we can't."

The honest firsthand account includes tearful doctor's appointments, a devastating diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve, failed IVF attempts, the hurdles of embryo donation, and what it's like to navigate those hardships as a couple coping in very different ways.

In the end, though, the documentary aims to be hopeful to those sharing similar struggles.

As Maya said: "I hope this film empowers people to feel pride in their determination to do all the painful things it often takes to make a baby."

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