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Parents Can't Buy Bunnies Until After Easter

This Pet Store Won't Let Parents Buy Bunnies Until After Easter For This 1 Alarming Reason

This pet store won't sell bunnies until after Easter from pics

A pet store in an undisclosed location is doing its part to help decrease the amount of abandoned animals by posting a sign explaining that it would not sell any bunnies until after Easter. And given how many bunnies are surrendered within a month or two after the holiday, it might not be such a bad idea, after all.

Although there's no exact number of how many rabbits are abandoned after being given as Easter gifts, it's likely close to around 80 percent. In fact, after cats and dogs, bunnies are the most commonly surrendered animal in the US, says The Humane Society. According to National Geographic, parents go into the pet stores around the holiday hoping to get a new family pet that's relatively low-maintenance and walk out with a bunny thinking they're "starter pets" with a short lifespan, like a hamster or a goldfish. And unfortunately for these new pet owners, that assumption is way off base: rabbits live 12 years on average.

And as for those who do let their former pets go in the wild? Domesticated rabbits don't usually survive for very long after being released outside for various reasons, including the fact that their coloring makes it harder for them to hide from predators.


In an effort to stop this vicious and terribly sad cycle, this particular pet store posted a sign to keep potentially irresponsible buyers at bay, and so far, it has gotten quite the positive response on Reddit:

Advice for parents on the hunt for a new family pet? Do your research before you commit to bringing a new family member into the house.

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