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Parents Thanking Their Son's Stepparents

This Video of 2 Divorced Parents Thanking Their Son's Stepparents Will Bring You to Tears

When Tara and Jamey divorced after several years of marriage, they both had concerns for their son, Nakhjavani, mostly in regard to how he would cope with the change. After some time, both of Nak's parents found new love, and he was blessed with a big, blended family including his stepmom, Natasha; his stepdad, Jason; and later, new siblings. After witnessing their son thrive as a result of all the new people in his life, Tara and Jamey confronted Nak's stepparents.

In the video — which first outlines the family's unique circumstances — Tara sits down with Natasha to read her a letter, and Jamey sits down with Jason. In Tara's letter, she voices her previous fears regarding a new woman coming into her son's life but quickly turns to all things positive. "I knew I was not being replaced, but you were only adding more love into Nak's life. . . . I believe that your love for Jamey makes him a better dad for Nak — he's so lucky to have you."

Jamey broke into tears reading his letter to Jason: "I admire you, and I'm grateful for you. I know how powerful it is for a boy to see that his mother is loved because that's how he's going to treat his wife, and you're doing that for him. You're doing the things I couldn't do, and I love you for that."

Although this video features just one blended family, it is truly inspiring to watch these parents and stepparents come together to raise a child with not only love for him but also love and mutual respect for each other. Their values and attitudes are an amazing example for any family, blended or not.

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