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If Parents Were Brutally Honest With Their Kids Video

Parents Envision a Hilarious World Where They're Brutally Honest With Their Kids

Young children can bring out a range of emotions we didn't even know we were capable of — first there's unconditional love, then exhaustion, anger, patience, and so much more, but what kids really do is leave us with little choice but to lie about every single thing under the sun (usually without the slightest bit of remorse). Esther Anderson, funny mom behind the Story of This Life blog, decided to challenge these sugar-coated truths we tell our children and be brutally honest with her young daughter, Ellia, and it's seriously hilarious.

Whether she's lying about "yummy" pureed baby food or how "beautiful" Ellia's scribbled art class masterpiece is, she demonstrates that white lies are just something we tell because we love our kids. With the help of her husband, Thad, the two serve their daughter a dose of reality, and let's just say it's all fun and games until Ellia asks her parents where babies come from.

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