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PayPal Ad Ruins Christmas by Claiming Santa Isn't Real

Did This 30-Second Ad Really Just Ruin Christmas?

We're just a few days out from Halloween, and already, Christmas has been ruined.

PayPal, the money-transferring website, has been taken to task for airing a UK holiday commercial that subtly suggests Santa Claus isn't real.

The 30-second ad features two young brothers who are concerned about Christmas being canceled, all because their parents haven't been coming home with large shopping bags in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

"I don't think we're getting any Christmas presents this year," one of the boys forlornly says. "Have you noticed how Mom and Dad have been around so much lately? Normally, this time of year, they're out shopping."

The premise might seem sweet enough — especially at the end, when the boys rush downstairs on Christmas morning to find a tree surrounded by beautifully wrapped boxes, a move made possible thanks to their parents' new online shopping habit.

But to others, it's a crime against the magic of Christmas — and Santa Claus in particular:

And, our personal favorite:

What do you think — should PayPal apologize for its insensitivity, or do parents need to lighten up a little?

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