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Photos of Toddlers Extended Breastfeeding

These 4 Moms Still Breastfeed Their Toddlers Because . . . Well, They Don't Have to Give a Reason

"Breastfeeding for me is an opportunity to allow motherhood to take center stage and to submit to the process of life and embrace the experiences that occur during this stage of motherhood. The best part of extended breastfeeding has got to be the calming effect it delivers, for me and my child. It can stop tantrums dead in their tracks or help a tired little one fall asleep faster. It also forces me to take those much needed breaks from a to-do list that sometimes seem too long.

The most challenging part [centers] around people's concerns for when we will stop. Many times these individuals are just curious, but it bothers me that our society has become so unaccustomed to mothers providing physical nourishment and comfort to their child once they've reached a certain age." — Karina Moran (and Kari-Anna, 3)
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Every mom who chooses to breastfeed her child has a journey that looks completely different from any other mother's — and that's OK. However, for some moms, breastfeeding into toddlerhood, something that's often stigmatized, is something that bonds them together in a special way. In an attempt to normalize extended — or full-term — breastfeeding, four moms have shared with us the best and most challenging parts of nursing their toddlers.

From moms who have breastfed all of their kids into the toddler years to those going through the experience for the first time, see what each mom had to say about the ups and downs of extended breastfeeding.

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