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Pink Instagrams Relatable Photo of Her Dad as a Young Parent

Pink Shared a Photo of Her Dad as a Young Parent, and, Oh, Do We Ever Relate

It's not until we become parents ourselves that we are able to look back at old family photos and truly relate to the people we see in the images. Pink recently came across an old photo of her dad, and although she might not have found it memorable before having kids of her own, now that she's a parent herself to two young children, she can't stop thinking about it.

"This picture of my dad makes me laugh so hard," she wrote on Instagram after sharing the photo of her father, Jim Moore, holding her sleeping brother, Jason, in his arms. His expression? It's one of utter exhaustion that moms and dads the world over know intimately.

She added: "Never before have I seen 'parenthood of young children' captured so perfectly," she wrote, before poking fun at her sibling. "That's my brother sleeping sideways. He was a handful. I was perfect."

She ended the sweet post with a "Love you Daddy Sir" and a hashtag paying tribute to the now-dated wood paneling in the background. Sure, styles may change, but tired parenting? That's timeless.

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