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Police Officer Helps Mom Deliver Baby

What Happened After a Cop Pulled 1 Woman Over For an Illegal Turn Is Going Viral

While Candace Tongate was working a night shift, she spotted a woman making an illegal U-turn. This police officer from Georgia went to pull over the driver, but as she drove up behind her, another car pulled up.

Kevin Williams stopped his car behind Candace and explained that his wife was about to give birth to their third baby. Luckily for the U-turn offender, Candace let her go with a warning and immediately went to help his wife, Letoya. At this point, the mom was in active labor in the backseat and Candace could already see the baby's head.

As 911 operators gave Candace directions over the phone, she delivered her first baby on the side of the road. "When I realized it was happening, I couldn't believe I was helping deliver a baby," Candace told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Letoya safely gave birth to baby Rylie just before emergency officials arrived thanks to Candace. "I thought she was a mom with how calm she was handling everything, considering my husband was freaking out and the other officers on scene seemed to be in shock," Letoya told WSBTV.

Candace's partner, Sgt. Stacy Gruber, assisted her with the delivery, and she shared on Facebook that she'll never forget this late-night shift. "Thank you officer Candace Tongate for delivering our princess," Letoya wrote on Facebook. "And thank you to all the other male officers that watched not knowing what to do... but checked on me to make sure I was OK LOL."

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