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Popular Baby Names Meanings

You're Going to Want to Know the Beautiful Meaning Behind These Popular Baby Names

Just because you're starting to fall for a "trendy" baby name doesn't mean that it isn't a special moniker. Although the popularity of names fluctuates each year, one thing about these hot names holds true: their stunning definitions. Whether it's a biblical name that's just starting to take off again or an unexpected option that wasn't around during your grandparents' generation, the powerful meaning behind these popular choices makes them even prettier options for your beloved little one!


  1. Astriddivinely beautiful: With roots as a Scandinavian royal name, Astrid also means "divine strength" in Danish and Morse.
  2. Arabellayielding to prayer: This elegant name is interpreted as "yielding to prayer" in Latin but also means "beautiful" in Dutch.
  3. Auroradawn: Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears became the morning dew at dawn.
  4. Avalife: While this ancient name means "living one" in Latin, it's also related to birds and has the biblical meaning of "iniquity."
  5. Charlottefree man: As the female version of Charles, Charlotte means both "free man" and "petite" in French.
  6. Isabellapledged to God: As a twist on Elizabeth, Isabella means "devoted to God" in Hebrew as well as "consecrated to God" in Italian.
  7. Islaisland: This trendy name was originally used primarily in Scotland and is derived from Islay, which is the name of two Scottish rivers as well as an island.
  8. Jadestone or jewel: This cool, precious green stone was originally used for carvings and was believed to carry clarity, courage, wisdom, modesty, and justice.
  9. Lilydelicate flower: This century-old name of an elegant flower has also had a role in Christian imagery as a symbol of purity and innocence.
  10. Zaraprincess, to blossom: In French, Zara means "light," but it is considered to mean "princess" in Hebrew and Arabic.


  1. Asherfortunate, blessed, happy one: In the Old Testament, Asher is one of Jacob's sons who gave his name for one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  2. DanielGod is my judge: In the bible, this Hebrew prophet wrote the Book of Daniel.
  3. Declanman of prayer: This traditional Irish name also means "full of goodness," and St. Declan Stone has been said to be a site of miracles.
  4. Ezrahelp: In the Bible, Ezra helped 1,500 Israelites escape slavery and led them to Jerusalem.
  5. Julianyouthful: Stemming from the clan name of powerful Roman emperors, this Latin name has come to mean "youthful" or "downy."
  6. JohnGod is gracious: This Hebrew name translates to "God has been gracious and has shown favor."
  7. Nolanchampion: This traditional Irish last name, in Gaelic, means "a descendant of a chariot fighter or champion."
  8. Silasforest, wood: Taken from the name Sylvanus, who was the Roman god of trees, Silas was originally given to people who worked with wood or lived in wooded areas.
  9. Milosoldier or merciful: In Greek, Milo means "destroyer," but it is defined as "merciful" in English and German.
  10. Wyattbrave in war: Originally an English last name, Wyatt has since come to mean "leader" and "brave."
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