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Would You Pay $299 to Rent This Cinderella Carriage at Disney World?

Somebody's fairy godmother has been working overtime, because young Disney fans can now roll into Walt Disney World (literally) in their own royal carriage. Orlando's Princess Carriage Rentals offers parents the opportunity to rent a miniature "carriage" for their Disney visit, and the stylish stroller looks like it's straight out of Cinderella.

The carriage, which can support up to 200 pounds and multiple kids, is about the same size as a standard double stroller and is available for rent on a daily basis. The cost to roll in Disney princess style isn't cheap, with the daily rate set at $299; however, this price also includes a private chauffeur service and special "princess" perks. Read the description from Princess Carriage Rentals below:

"Upon arrival at your resort, we'll roll out the red carpet for each princess (literally), present her with a silk red rose and escort her to the Magic Kingdom accompanied by Disney music to set the royal stage. Once you enter the park, get ready for guests to ask for pictures and autographs of your little princess(es), as you are one of only a few to stroll into the Magic Kingdom in royal style. Our chauffeur has more than ten years experience in the limo industry and is a favored driver for celebrities in Orlando."

Considering that Disney World's own stroller rentals range from $15 to $31 per day depending on how many seats you require, and parking is $20 to $40 per day, the price might be worthwhile for families seeking an "extra special" experience during their vacation. It's no surprise that the carriage strollers attract attention from everyone at the parks — including fairy godmothers themselves — and we can definitely envision the demand for such a unique service.


Read on for more pictures of the carriage, then visit the company website if you'd like to reserve one for your own little royals.

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