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RTF Student's First College Exam Review Video

Film Student's Hilarious Recounting of Her First College Exam Proves She's in the Right Major

Ann Mark, a freshman RTF (radio, television, and film) major at the University of Texas at Austin, just proved to the entire internet that she totally chose the right career path through a video she posted recounting her first-ever college exam. Let's just say that things didn't exactly go as planned β€” because why should they? β€” and our new hero had to overcome several obstacles in her way just to get to the room her exam was held in.

"My first!!!!! College!!!! Exam!!!! Was magical," read Mark's tweet, which included the hysterical two-minute video. "D is for Degree amiright?"

In the selfie-style video, Mark goes into detail about her mission to buy Blue Books right before the exam, her encounter with a physics class she thought was her own until she realized she recognized no one, and her enlightening chat with a girl who explained what Google Maps were when she showed up to yet another wrong test location.


Mark's original tweet has gotten so much action on Twitter since it was posted on Dec. 15 β€” even Greg Fenves, UT Austin president, sent Mark a reply. "College can be challenging, but Ann, you're clearly cut out for UT! Send me a direct message, and we'll make sure you have enough Blue Books for the next four years," he wrote. Adding, in reference to her emailing him for security footage of her smashing into a window during her quest to find her exam room, "As for security video, I'm not sure what we can find . . . "

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