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Raising a Second Child

How Raising a Second Child Isn't Quite Like Raising the First

Your firstborn is becoming a beautiful toddler right before your eyes, so you're aching for another baby. Since you're a seasoned vet at child rearing, you probably won't rely on books to get you through this pregnancy. You know things are going to be just as great, if not better, with the new baby. But that dream is crushed as soon as you see the positive test. From less sleep to more lenient rules, parenting really is different the second time around. Here's why:

You share the news with your friends, and none of them care.

Source: CBS

Since it's your second time, you don't need to follow every rule in the pregnancy books.

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And after experiencing childbirth once, you know to say yes to the epidural this time.

When your first baby cried, you ran to his side. You tend to ignore this one's tears.

Source: NBC

When you do check on him, you stay a minute — maybe two — then leave the room.

Source: Fox

As a mom of two, you have more to do and have to take your new baby out sooner than you'd like.

Source: Today

You're less concerned about germs, which is good because anyone can hold this baby if it means a few minutes to yourself.

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Since your busier this time around, you don't have the energy or desire to fill out the baby book or capture every moment on camera.

Source: ABC

You know what warrants a trip to the doctor, which isn't much.

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You may have fed your first child only organic goodies, but if candy keeps this one quiet, then she can have it.

Forget bedtime boundaries. You'd rather let her stay in your bed during a storm than get up to ease her back to sleep.

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Yes, you may treat your second child differently. But you love him just as much as the first one.

Source: HBO
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