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The Rock Instagram Changing Dirty Diaper

The Rock's Post About Diaper Duty Is Equal Parts Adorable and Hilarious

Can you hear moms' screams of joy all over the world right now? Well, we sure can, ever since we saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest Instagram post insinuating that maybe all daddies should be number one when it comes to number two! Johnson's adorable photo and caption admitting to his "doodie duties" come as no surprise to us, as we've been cheering him on as a father since before his daughter was even born. But now he should have the approval of all moms, especially the ones who happen to be the only parent around when the baby has a number two diaper — mysterious, how that always happens . . .

So kick back your heels, feed your baby their favorite food, and call your child's father in for backup. If you need to, show them The Rock's Instagram as both proof and support — they can't deny that they smell what The Rock is cooking, even if it is "Eau de Poopy Diaper."

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