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School Principal Duct Taped to Wall For Charity

Why These Kids Got Away With Duct Taping Their Principal to the Wall

Duck tape the principal to the wall for charity!! We sold strips of tape and raised over $1,000! So proud to be from a school that gives back to charity!

Posted by Jamie Douglas Dulcie on Friday, November 20, 2015

This past week, the kids at Whipple Heights Elementary School banded together to do something unspeakable to their principal — and they aren't even getting punished for it!

Principal Joe Hug was duct taped to the wall by his students, but turns out, as each kid piled on the tape, he was all smiles. That's because each strip of multicolored tape (we especially love the lone leopard-print strip) was sold with proceeds going to a good cause, as part of the school's annual charity week.

And judging by the photos, the first of which shows Hug standing on milk crates until he was eventually held up by the tape alone, the silly activity was a success. The school raised more than $1,000 for Perry Helping Perry, a local organization that serves the less fortunate within its own community in Canton, OH.

Perhaps these photos — which have been shared nearly 40,000 times on Facebook in less than two weeks — will inspire students across the nation to bring this charitable idea up with their principals. We just hope those principals have a good sense of humor!

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