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Are Schools Getting Rid of Analog Clocks?

Would You Be OK With Your Kid's School Getting Rid of Analog Clocks?

Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary at the Association of School and College Leaders in the UK, made a decision that has truly thrown the internet for a loop: British grade schools are getting rid of analog clocks because kids can't tell time. He explained that because students almost exclusively use digital clocks on their phones or other devices, telling time on an analog clock has become a lost art for younger generations.

"The current generation isn't as good at reading the traditional clock face as older generations," he told The Telegraph. "They are used to seeing a digital representation of time on their phone, on their computer. Nearly everything they've got is digital, so youngsters are just exposed to time being given digitally everywhere."

And although the change was meant to make test-taking a bit easier for students, the revelation is definitely a little concerning. "It may be a little sad if youngsters coming through aren't able to tell the time on clock faces," Malcolm said, adding that, "One hopes that we will be teaching youngsters to read clocks, however, we can see the benefit of digital clocks in exam rooms."

Would you be OK with your kid's school getting rid of analog clocks?
Yes! It's so antiquated at this point that there's just no need.
No! They should know how to read those clocks, too.
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