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Schools Issue Homework Ban

Is Homework Becoming a Thing of the Past?

If your tot (or you, yourself) has shed some tears over a Common Core assignment, then this news is bound to make them smile. This year, several schools throughout the US and Canada are implementing no-homework policies in an effort to alleviate students' stress. Gaithersburg Elementary School in Maryland has banned homework since 2012, asking its students to read for 30 minutes each night instead.

"We felt like with the shift to the Common Core curriculum, and our knowledge of how our students need to think differently . . . we wanted their time to be spent in meaningful ways," Stephanie Brant, the principal of Gaithersburg Elementary School tells The College de Saint-Ambroise in Quebec echoes Brant's feelings, saying that students were struggling to devote the time needed to complete all their after school assignments. While some parents support the lighter workload, others believe the no-homework policy could be detrimental to their children and shift their academic focuses.

Your kids may be supportive of a homework ban, but how do you feel about it? Weigh in with our poll and in the comment section below.

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