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Screen-Time Contract For Kids

Try This Screen-Time Contract For Your Kids

It's been a struggle to create "healthy" screen-time habits for our kids in our home, but we've found that a "Screen-Time Contract" is helpful in setting limits and expectations. In addition to determining a specific time each night that devices should be turned off, try creating a contract where you can list all the rules associated with using the device so that the expectations are clear for the kids. If you need help getting started, check out the contract that we use with our oldest daughter, who is almost 11, below. Also note we make sure the contract can be added to or changed at any time.

Kid Contract For Technology

    1. All homework will be finished before using the phone unless you are texting friends, Mom, or the babysitter to help with homework.

    2. The main reasons the phone will be used are:

    • Texting homework questions.
    • Communicating with Mom, Dad, or the babysitter.
    • Coordinating plans with friends.
    • Doing something else productive.

    3. Daily chores to be done:

    • Making bed in the morning.
    • Setting and clearing the table.
    • Walking and feeding the pets.

    4. No talking back.

    5. Listen to adults.

    6. A three-strike rule will apply. If you do not listen or do something out of line to get three strikes, the phone is taken away for a set time to be determined

    7. No cell phone at the dinner table or school.

    8. Tell Mom or Dad if anything weird, hurtful, or uncomfortable is happening on the phone.

    9. I will not send or take (unless I have permission) embarrassing photos of people.

    10. If lost or broken, I have to pay for it.

    11. If usage of phone gets out of hand, Mom will set limits on texting and time.

    12. Phone stays in the house unless given permission from an adult.

    13. I need permission from a parent to download apps.

    14. We can read your text messages at any time.

    15. Mom and Dad reserve the right to make changes or add anything to this contract at any time.

    Signature ________________________________

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