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Shopping Bag Hack For Kids

1 Dad's Hilarious Shopping Hack Will Make Your Kids "Think Twice Before Picking Up a Bunch of Stuff"

I've grown to hate shopping with my kids. What starts out as a quick errand rapidly devolves into me negotiating with a tiny human as to why we don't need seven whole pineapples and an economy-size box of plastic spoons. By the time we hit the checkout counter, I'm at my breaking point, but for one evil-genius dad, it's at that moment that a major lesson is about to be made.

Former NFL player Chad Johnson revealed on Twitter the perfect shopping hack to keep children from demanding too many things at the store: "When you shop for your kids make them carry their bags. They'll think twice before picking up a bunch of stuff next time."

Alongside his tweet was a video of his adorable toddler daughter Kennedi exiting a Foot Locker with two packed plastic bags on each arm. She makes her way out of the store but doesn't last much longer than that. When Chad threatens to return her purchases ("I got the receipt!"), she readjusts and carries on . . . for now.


So, will Chad's trick work?

Judging by Kennedi's resolve and based on the relatively 30-second-long attention span of most toddlers, I'm not holding my breath. But it sure will be fun to watch my kid drag four bags of pointy fruit through the grocery store parking lot!

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