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Signs You Have a Target Addiction

This Man Hilariously Describes Wife's Target Addiction — and, OK, His Concerns Are Valid

Do you have an STD? That is, a Shopping at Target Disorder?

That's how one man diagnosed his wife in a hilarious YouTube video detailing the warning signs and symptoms of her addiction to the mass retailer.

"She'd be like, 'Hey honey, I'll be right back, I just need dish soap,'" Penn Holderness said in the mock PSA. "Two hours later, she's back with nine full bags, including a golden Easter bunny, a bowl that doesn't match any of our other bowls, and a cheesy statement T-shirt. And she forgot the soap."

Another sign that his wife, Kim, had a problem? "She'd be driving to pick up the kids and then would space out and end up, somehow, in the Dollar Spot trying on seasonal costumes, not even remembering how she got there."

He then outlined his treatment strategy (as if he thinks this type of STD is curable), which involves blasting a fog horn anytime she reaches for a punny mug, a decorative throw pillow, or even a centerpiece from the Hearth & Hand collaboration. "It's really just a gentle reminder to stick to her list."

Yeah, that's never going to happen.

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