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Signs You're a Supportive Spouse

10 Signs You're a Supportive Spouse Who Is There For Your Partner No Matter What

Signs You're a Supportive Spouse

No matter what life throws your way, having a supportive spouse through the good and the bad can make all the difference. If, when you're having an awful day, your spouse will sit and listen to you vent rather than dismiss your issue by telling you "it'll be OK," you can move on to resolve the situation knowing that you have the support of your partner. Or if you're having a great day by your own standards, even if the rest of the world wouldn't see its events as anything to write home about, a supportive spouse will be right there with you, celebrating.

Finding the perfect person who can be all these things for you can prove to be difficult and out of your control, sure, but what you can control are your own abilities to be a supportive partner for your other half. Whether you've got all of these down pat or could use a hand in figuring out how to be more present and caring for your partner, read on to see the signs that indicate whether you're on the right track.

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