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Singer Kicked Off United Airlines Flight For Crying Baby

United Airlines Kicks Yet Another Crying Baby Off a Flight

If you haven't booked your family's flights for your Summer vacation, perhaps steer clear of United Airlines. For the second time just this month, the carrier has come under fire for removing families from its flights for bizarre and seemingly unnecessary reasons.

The latest involved Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood, who — at seven months pregnant, no less — was booted from a flight from San Francisco to Vancouver because her toddler son posed "concerns."

According to Walk Off the Earth's Blackwood and several fellow passengers who've come forward in her defense, he was merely being fussy.

"I had to hold him, he was being very squirmy and was crying really loud, and the [flight attendant] came over and told me to control my child," she told CTV News. "I looked at her and said 'I'm doing what I can here, I'm holding him. This is what I'm supposed to do.'"

As the plane began to taxi, her son Giorgio fell asleep. However, the plane returned to the gate, and another flight attendant escorted Blackwood and her child off the plane.

According to SkyWest Airlines, United's regional partner that operated this particular flight, the decision to remove them was warranted: "Despite numerous requests, the child was not seated, as required by federal regulation to ensure passenger safety, and was repeatedly in the aisle of the aircraft before departure and during taxi."

Blackwood, who had a window seat, said her son never left her lap. She has taken to Twitter and YouTube — in which she recorded a conversation with an empathetic United Airlines employee back at the airport — to spread the word about what she deems discrimination against families.

She might have a point, considering that earlier this month, United kicked a family off because of a "behavior issue" with the parents' 15-year-old autistic daughter.

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