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Son Surprises Mom With Super Bowl Tickets

The Sweetest Super Bowl Surprise You'll Ever See

When Vicki Harris's favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks, made it to the Super Bowl in 1983, she was pregnant with her now-30-year-old son, Mike. As such, the family skipped out on even looking into getting tickets. Then in 2005, the Seahawks again made it to the big game, but attendance was just too pricy. That year, Vicki's husband, Dick, made her a promise. "[He] said 'the next time they go I promise you guys will go. I'll send you and mom somehow,'" according to their son, Mike.

This year, Mike took turning his mom's dream into a reality into his own hands — with heartwarming results. Watch the above video to see Vicki Harris's reaction to her son's surprise, and for more details, head over to TODAY Moms.

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