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Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream at Walmart

Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Is Hitting Walmart, and Our Brain Freezes Will Never Be the Same

Clear the freezer, because Sour Patch Kids is taking over in a new way. Just one day after announcing new ice pops to satiate our Summer sweet tooth, the brand shared details of a new partnership with Walmart and its drool-worthy Sour Patch Kids ice cream. According to Delish, the tasty Red, White, and Blue Sour Patch Kids ice cream is available now at stores nationwide through the end of the year.

But rest assured, this is absolutely not just a sour-flavored ice cream. The Walmart-exclusive treat is a combination of lemon sorbet and vanilla light ice cream with a Redberry swirl and pieces of Blue Sour Patch Kids, as the 1.5-quart container so deliciously describes. "This stuff is amazing," junk food-aficionado, junkfoodmom, wrote on Instagram.

"If sour is what you're looking for, it's here," she wrote. "The combo ice cream/sorbet works great and has a tart lemon flavor. The Blue Bitz are actual pieces of [Sour Patch] Kids." She explained that most of the blue pieces are small, but she found a few half-sized candies in her container.

Now, about that Redberry swirl . . . that's where the sour magic happens. "Yikes โ€” if you get a spoonful of it, I guarantee your face will pucker up," she wrote with a warning. "This may not be for everyone but if you like sour sweets you'll love this."

Grab your spoons, sour-lovers, this ice cream is here to rock your palette all Summer long.

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