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Spooky Victorian Halloween Advent Calendar

A $1,500 Halloween Advent Calendar Exists, and the Addams Family Needs to Get on My Level

Spooky Victorian Halloween Advent Calendar

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Currently at the top of my list of "Things I Never Knew I Needed Until Today" is this hauntingly gorgeous Halloween Advent calendar made to look just like a creepy Victorian mansion — consider me officially spooked! Available on Etsy for a casual $1,465, the beautifully handcrafted Halloween decoration looks like the perfect centerpiece for a chilling Halloween extravaganza. I can already picture the zombiefied lords and ladies that lurk behind the house's shutters.

No two houses are exactly alike, but each mansion is approximately 37 inches tall and 34 inches wide and weighs about 26 pounds. Behind the shutters of each window is an original piece of artwork — including zombies, skeletons, witches, trick or treaters, and more — just waiting to make your October a little more chilling. There's even a crate on the porch that can be customized with the word of your choice! From the "No Trespassing" signs strung up around the house's exterior to the ghostly chimney dwellers and the eyes appearing out of the broken rooftop, every inch of this calendar is designed to make for a happy Halloween.

The entire mansion can also be plugged in, lighting up your home a little more each night as more shutters are opened. You can even customize the luminous background of the mansion, which features an ominous full moon, with the phrases "Happy Halloween" or "Trick or Treat."

Despite its eerie details, this Advent calendar definitely looks like something the whole family can enjoy . . . and I might have to get my family to pitch in for this one given the price tag. Considering this is the kind of decoration that can be passed on as a family heirloom, though, it might just be worth it if you truly love Halloween. If you dare, take a closer look at the haunting Victorian Mansion ahead.

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