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Spray Tans and Breastfeeding

Who Knew Breastfeeding After a Spray Tan Could Lead to This?

Breastfeeding can be an isolating experience. If you're not comfortable nursing in public, it means spending a lot of time inside, which, if it is Summer, can feel like a drag. That's where the beauty of spray tans comes in. Get all of the physical beauty of a day in the sun with none of the harmful UVA/UVB rays. So we understand what this mom was trying to accomplish when she sought out a spray tan before nursing her tot. But we're pretty sure she didn't expect these results:

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Ooomf! Reddit user LondonDave uploaded the image to Imgur reminding moms everywhere, "Protip: don't breastfeed after a spraytan." With World Breastfeeding Week starting next week, let this serve as a reminder for all of you nursing moms out there. Let your spray tan completely dry (maybe even consider showering) before letting your baby feed. And don't worry, according to KellyMom, spray tans and self-tanning formulas are topical and shouldn't be harmful to babies (though she does recommend washing the products from your breasts before nursing).

Image Sources: Reddit user LondonDave and CBS
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