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Squid Socks For Babies and Toddlers

You've Got to See the Videos of Kids Trying to Pull Off These No-Slip "Squid Socks"

Squid Socks For Babies and Toddlers
Image Source: Squid Socks

One of the most annoying and common things about being a parent is having to constantly fight your kids to put socks on, only to find them barefoot seconds later. Socks go missing on walks, in restaurants, at the park — basically anywhere your kid finds a minute to remove their shoes and pull their socks off (and we won't even get into the fact that washing machines definitely eat socks for breakfast). To combat this issue, two parents created "Squid Socks," aka your new go-to brand for socks.

"And all the parents, grandparents, and caregivers around the world rejoiced in a collective 'FINALLY!'" the Squid Socks site reads. "Our 'squiddy dots' hold socks on."

Available in three fun collections, Squid Socks feature no-slip dots on the inside, which keep the socks around your child's ankle and make it impossible for them to pull the socks off. Hallelujah!

"I have two kids under 2 years of age, and there is no time to deal with missing and falling off socks. For all people with babies or babies in your life, get yourself some sanity back in your life and GET THESE SOCKS!!!," one mom wrote in a confessional after trying Squid Socks. Another added: "Love, love, love these socks! First off, how cute can they be? I love the little colorful squids on them. Most importantly, I don't have to keep checking to make sure both socks are still on my daughter's feet or have to constantly pull them up!"

Sold? Check out and purchase the adorable squid-embellished socks ahead. Still skeptical? Scroll to see the "video proof" that kids can't get these socks off no matter how hard they try (plus, they're pretty entertaining).

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