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St. Patrick's Day Jokes For Kids

20 St. Patrick's Day Jokes For Kids That Are a Wee Bit of Fun

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that seems to resonate with everyone, whether you're Irish or not. The green decorations, festive food, and endless outfit options are pretty inescapable in March, so why not get your children involved in the spirit of the season as well? While they can't indulge in certain St. Patrick's Day traditions (green beer, anyone?), you might be surprised by how many family-friendly jokes leprechauns and four-leaf clovers can inspire. Whether you're throwing your kids a little pot-of-gold-themed party with their friends or simply want to put some fun into their breakfast routine, have the following jokes on hand. But be warned — you may be hearing these one-liners on repeat for weeks to come!

  1. "What kind of spells do leprechaun witches cast?" Answer: "Lucky Charms!"
  2. "Why are the Irish so concerned about global warming?" Answer: "They're really into green living."
  3. "Why should you never iron a four-leaf clover?" Answer: "You don't want to press your luck."
  4. "Why do leprechauns enjoy gardening?" Answer: "They have green thumbs."
  5. "What happens when a leprechaun falls into a pool of water?" Answer: "He gets wet."
  6. "Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?" Answer: "They're always a little short."
  7. "What position did the leprechaun play on the baseball team?" Answer: "Shortstop."
  8. "Why do frogs like St. Patrick's Day?" Answer: "Because they're already wearing green."
  9. "How do you describe someone who's jealous of St. Patrick?" Answer: "They're green with envy."
  10. "What was St. Patrick's favorite kind of music?" Answer: "Sham-rock and roll."
  11. "What do you call a big Irish spider?" Answer: "A Paddy longlegs."
  12. "What does Ireland have a lot of?" Answer: "Irish people!"
  13. "Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?" Answer: "Regular rocks are too heavy."
  14. "Why do the Irish always answer a question with a question?" Answer: "Do we now?"
  15. "Why do leprechauns hate running?" Answer: "They'd rather jig than jog!"
  16. "How can you tell an Irishman is having a good time?" Answer: "He's Dublin over with laughter!"
  17. "What's big and purple and lies next to Ireland?" Answer: "Grape Britain!"
  18. "What happens if you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?" Answer: "You get a rash of good luck!"
  19. "Why do leprechauns make good secretaries?" Answer: "They're great at shorthand."
  20. "What do leprechauns love to barbecue?" Answer: "Short ribs."
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