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A Stranger Bought 3 Kids Pumpkins For Halloween When Their Mom Couldn't Afford Them

With most Halloween celebrations, there is usually candy to eat, pumpkins to carve, and costumes to trick-or-treat in, but for Jeneca Krump's kids, this year's Halloween was going to be missing some of the usual fun. "I have to say I have great kids," Krump started in a post to Facebook she shared with Frank Somerville. "We recently got our rent raised 17 percent. I had to have a conversation with my kids about it and they said it wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't get pumpkins this year or a Halloween costume. . . . They didn't whine or complain."

Krump was so proud of her children for being so understanding that she shared that part of her story to Facebook — little did she know that she would inspire someone to anonymously donate everything her kids needed to make their Halloween a blast. Krump and her kids came home one afternoon to three pumpkins, candles, carving gear, candy, web decorations, and gift cards to the grocery store.

"This was done anonymously. I am still in disbelief," Krump wrote. "To care and give so that kids could celebrate Halloween like all the other kids and then go even further with gift cards for food, my heart is bursting. I just want them to know how appreciative our family is. I can't wait to pay it forward."

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