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Stranger Donates Kidney to Young Boy

Desperate Mom Wrote a Message on Her Car: “My Son Needs a Kidney to Live” — We Can’t Believe What This Stranger Did!

When South Carolina-based mom Lashonda Pugh wrote an empassioned message on the back of their family car pleading for a kidney donor to save her son's life, she had no idea how it would affect one passer-by. While shopping at a local Walmart, 40-year-old Starr Gardy saw the message and couldn't ignore it. She had to do something.

"I just, I can't really explain it, it just completely moved me and I just, I took a picture of it, and I went in Walmart, and I was shopping," Gardy told ABC. "And all I could picture was, 'there is someone in here who has this weight on their shoulders.'" Starr later sprung into action and donated her kidney to Lashonda's son Daniel Jones through the living donor program at the Medical University of South Carolina.

The family is grateful for Gardy's kindness, and it's brought them together in an unexpected way. "It's a lot. Knowing that I have her organ in my body, we're family now," said Jones. "She's not just a stranger anymore, she's my aunt."

They're both recovering and doing well. ABC reports that Gardy's recovery should take about six weeks, and Jones can go home in a few days.

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