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Stranger Saves Mom and Son From Drowning

The Woman Who Saved a Pregnant Mom and Her Toddler From Drowning Deserves a Round of Applause

Jennifer Potter, an apartment manager from Indianapolis, IN, knew she had to act fast to save a pregnant mother and her toddler who were drowning in a community swimming pool on June 6.

She told CBS News that she didn't think twice before jumping rushing to their rescue. "I don't know how I did it. I just reacted, and I would hope that anyone else would do the same thing that I did."

The trouble all started while Jennifer was riding around the apartment complex's property in a golf cart with someone from the maintenance crew. While they were driving by the pool, she saw a group of kids trying to help what appeared to be a small child clinging to a raft.

But once she got closer, Jennifer made a disturbing discovery: the child's mother, who was six months pregnant, was unconscious and completely submerged in the pool. She had jumped in to save her son after he had fallen in and was still somehow holding him above water despite losing consciousness.

"I took my shoes off real quick while still running and just dove right into the pool," said Jennifer, adding that, "I ended up grabbing both and just kind of swimming as fast as I could. I got a little panicky . . . I'm not going to lie."

With help from the maintenance crew, Jennifer pulled both the mom and toddler out of the water and called 911. Although the mom wasn't breathing at first, paramedics eventually got a pulse and both mother and son are expected to recover.

And while Jennifer is thrilled that she was in the right place at the time, she says that her actions were far from heroic. "Well, they all kept calling me a hero, and like I said I don't feel like one. I just feel like I was doing what any other normal person would do."

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