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Teacher Sends Dad a Note For Helping With Homework

See What Happens When One Teacher Catches a Dad Doing His Son's Homework

There's no question that homework has gotten significantly harder than when we were kids. Just take a look at your kids' Common Core assignments, and you'll see how frustrating the whole process can be. But one thing hasn't changed since parents were in school — kids are still expected to do their homework themselves. Teachers know when parents are doing the work for their students and are none too happy about it. Just ask Reddit user chestypants12. He thought he could sneak one by his little one's teacher by helping his tot with a word scramble assignment, only to be called out (in no less than red teacher pen!) for his actions. See the note below:

As chestypants12 said, "I'll admit I did get that 'sinking feeling' for a second when I read it. Teachers have that power." Yeah, we agree. Getting red notes from the teacher still puts a pit in the bottom of our stomachs too!

Source: Reddit user chestypants12; Front Page

Image Source: Thinkstock
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