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Teacher Takes Microphone Away From Boy With Autism

A Teacher Stealing a Mic From a Boy With Autism in a Play Isn't Even the Worst Part of This Video

Every parent, no matter how ridiculous the school production is or how small a part their kid plays, feels proud of their child for being on stage and doing their best. Kent Squires went to his son's Thanksgiving play and held his phone up high to record the end of the play because his son, who has high-functioning autism and was playing the turkey, was supposed to speak the last line into the mic.

His video starts with a few of his son's classmates lined up, speaking their lines into the microphone one by one until his son is the only one left. "He has come home from school and said he gets to say 'gobble, gobble' because he was playing the turkey," Squires wrote. Unfortunately, his little boy was never able to say the line he was so excited about because right as he opened his mouth, a teacher came and ripped the mic from the stand — and his reaction was absolutely heartbreaking.

But that's not even the worst part of this video — parents watching the play actually laughed after it happened while the boy stood on stage crying. Squires posted the video to the Autism Speaks Facebook page to reach out and see if anything could be done about how his child was treated in what should have been a sweet moment.

Commenters on Squires's post agree that the woman's actions were rude and unfair, and one even suggested that he take action: "Kent, something can be done about this. No child should be treated any different. . . . This teacher needs to be reprimanded."

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