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Technology and Kids

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If you have kids, you know they love new technology and gadgets. That's why we partnered with the Cable Impacts Foundation, the organization behind, for this post.

Kids are wonderfully handy with new technology often figuring out new gadgets even before parents. But just because they're quick learners doesn't mean children actually get what's going on. My daughter loves to play games, use the computer to practice spelling, and watch any and all animal videos that pop up. As she's starting to become a bit more literate, I figured it was time to see how much she really knows. Here are her simple answers to a few tech questions about two of her favorite things — TV and the computer.

How does a remote control work?

Oh you just push the buttons and it sends beeping notes to the TV. That's how it changes channels.

How does the TV work?

Well it has to have those things (pointing to the cable box). They're filled with pieces of electricity that make the TV turn on.

What is the Internet?

You use it to email and check things on the computer, but you guys don't let me do that yet. And we can't do that at school either, which isn't fair, I don't think.

Is everyone on the Internet your friend?

Wait, there are people in the computer? How does that work? I thought it just had movies and games on it.

Is it OK to watch everything on TV or on the computer?

Well I think so but there's some stuff I just don't like, like I think some shows are too scary for me.

What's a cookie?

OH, that's easy. I like chocolate chip the best.

What is spam?

What? That's a silly word.

What is spyware?

Well, I think that word is like using special spy glasses to see things. They help you see stars and maybe things a little closer and stuff.

What is a virus?

That's what makes you sick so you need to wash your hands after you touch anything. And always sneeze into your arm. I learned that at school.

After enjoying our somewhat enlightening conversation, I realized how much information my daughter is missing when it comes to computers — and how powerful of a tool they are. Now that she's old enough, it's time to educate her on new technology and make sure she's smart and safe while browsing all the amazing things floating around the Internet..

How much do your kids know about technology? How are you talking with your kids about what they are watching and their digital life?

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Image Source: Shutterstock
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