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Teen Gets Mom's Face Tattooed on Her Leg

This Mom's Reaction to Her Teen Daughter Getting a Leg Tattoo of Her Face For Mother's Day Is Priceless

Saffron Barker, an 18-year-old YouTube blogger, recently got her mom a Mother's Day gift that ended up being controversial, to say the least! In a now-viral video, she takes her viewers on a wild ride while she shows her mom the new tattoo she got — and spoiler alert, it's an image of her mother's face on her leg. As soon as Saffron reveals the gift, her mom's mood goes from zero to 100 in an instant. Judging by the yelling — and her dad's hilariously nonchalant response — it clearly didn't go over well. Watch through to the end (her freak-out starts around the 9:30 mark!) to see how her mom reacts to the stunt, and try not to snicker in the process.

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