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Teen Hurt From Duct Tape Challenge

If Your Child Has Access to the Internet, You Need to Make Sure They Aren't Doing This

A 14-year-old boy almost lost his life thanks to the newest Internet fad.

Skylar Fish is still hospitalized after getting seriously injured last week from what he thought was just going to be a harmless game called "the duct tape challenge."

This wasn't the first time the Washington teen and his friends participated in the activity where people duct tape themselves with the goal of trying to break free. However, instead of taping each other to a pole, this time they decided to tape the ninth grader up while he was standing.

"I'm just, actually, really lucky to be alive," Skylar said. "When I think about it, it seems like I was hit by a car."

Posted by Siemny Kim on Monday, January 25, 2016

Although Skylar can't remember much of what happened that day, after a few friends duct taped his arms and legs, his mom, Sarah Fish, said that he fell and hit the corner of a window frame.

With his arms constrained, Skylar wasn't able to catch himself and he landed on his face without anything to break his fall or protect his face from the force of impact.

"It crushed his whole eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye," Sarah said. It's unknown whether Skylar will regain vision in that eye. He now not only has a brain aneurysm from his head slamming into the concrete, but he also had to get 48 staples.

Skylar is now recovering at Seattle Children's Hospital and hopes that something good will come from his tragic accident. "Teach other kids not to do it," he explained. "When I think about it, I become sad and then really happy, because I'm happy, because I survived it. I almost died."

Posted by Siemny Kim on Monday, January 25, 2016

"I want people to stop and think that there are so many risks to any of these challenges," Sarah added. "They're dangerous."

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