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Teen Surprises Little Girl With a Doll She Picked at Target

What This Teen Overheard a Little Girl Saying at Target Made Him Want to Buy Her a Birthday Present

My heart is about to explode. We were in target tonight and this younger couple was walking thru the toy aisles...

Posted by Megan Shufflebarger on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tario Fuller Jr, a student at Purdue University in Indiana, had never met 2-year-old Kinley Shufflebarger before their paths crossed in the Target toy aisle.

Fuller, a 19-year-old college football player, was shopping with a friend and stopped when he overheard Kinley cooing over all of the toys. The little girl was picking out potential gift options for her upcoming birthday, and her excitement was contagious. Fuller asked the little girl what her favorite toy was, and unknowingly, she said the magic words: "I really lub dis one."

According to a post Kinley's mom, Megan Shufflebarger, shared on Facebook, Fuller laughed, took the doll, and asked them to stay right there. Kinley was distracted by more goodies and was shocked when Fuller returned with the purchased toy. He handed her the bag — complete with receipt — and wished her a happy birthday. He told her to enjoy the doll before leaving the store, without even telling the family his name.


"To this generous young man, whoever you are, I hope you see this and more importantly, I hope you know what a good young man you are," wrote Shufflebarger.

A random act of kindness in the form of a doll can go a long way in the eyes of a 2-year-old!

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