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Terminally Ill Child Wants Mail For His Birthday

Bubby's 9th Birthday Could Be His Last — Help Make It Memorable

Bubby Everson will turn 9 on Feb. 11, but unlike most kids his age, he doesn't have a wish list a mile long or plans for a big birthday bash. Bubby contracted Cytomegalovirus (CMV) at birth, and he's unlikely to live past the age of 15. The list of his diagnoses resulting from CMV includes autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, vision impairment, hearing impairment, and severe intellectual disabilities.

"It's very tough, I love him to death and I wouldn't change him, but knowing that [we] could lose him at any time . . . that's hard," Bubby's mother, Brandi McNerney-Everson, told Q13 Fox News.

Knowing that Bubby's young life could be cut short at any time, the Eversons are doing everything they can to fill his days with joy — which leads us to the simple act of kindness that you can be a part of. Bubby's big birthday wish? Some mail . . . any mail. "He loves mail," Brandi said. "Even if it's junk mail, we give it to him, and we say, 'Here Bubby, here's your mail.'" Brandi and her husband, Thomas, have set up a special post-office box in their hometown of Graham, WA, to collect birthday salutations from friends and strangers alike. To be a part of Bubby's big day, send your well wishes (and stickers, he loves stickers!) to:

Bubby Everson
PO Box 1142
Graham, WA 98338

"We're blessed," Brandi added. "I'm so glad we have the child that we have . . . have the life that we have, because he's amazing."

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