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Things That Kids of Divorce Want Parents to Know

30 Things That Children of Divorce Wish Their Parents Knew

Things That Kids of Divorce Want Parents to Know

When you ask a child in the midst of a divorce how they feel, they'll often clam up. But if you ask adults who grew up in split households about their childhoods, they usually have a lot to say. I posed the question "what do you wish your parents had known, but you'd never tell them?" to a group of my peers (all grown-up children of divorce) and received plenty of impassioned responses.

At the core of every response was "we love you no matter what." Despite the tough times that come with divorce, family is the most important part of any childhood; a split home just means doing things a little differently. Read on to see what real children of divorce wish their parents knew, because let's face it: they're probably not going to tell you.

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