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Things You Should Do Before Having a Baby

The 30 Things You'll Wish You'd Done When You Were Pregnant

Things You Should Do Before Having a Baby
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Pregnant women everywhere: this is a cautionary tale. I wasted away my pregnancy doing things like whining about my swollen feet, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator for the 14th time, and yelling at my husband for not reading any baby books when I should have been soaking up every last morsel of free will while I had the chance.

You see, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you missed out on your opportunity to live a carefree, somewhat selfish, definitely indulgent lifestyle. But your clock is ticking.

Below are the 30 things you'll wish you did before you started a family. Full disclosure: this is not a helpful checklist to get you prepared for your new baby — rather, it's a list of all the far more important things you need to do for you. That is if there's still time. And if there's not, at least get to No. 24. Do that one for all of us who no longer can . . .

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