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Time Magazine Teacher Covers September 2018

Time Magazine's Cover Sheds Light on the Low Wages Many Teachers in America Face

Time Magazine Teacher Covers September 2018
Image Source: Time

Time magazine is spotlighting teachers in its new issue and is taking it as an opportunity to shed light on the financial struggles many teachers in America face. For the cover story entitled "I'm a Teacher in America," Time dove deep into the low wages and rough conditions many educators deal with. There are three magazine covers, each with a different teacher and a different quote, including, "I have 20 years of experience, but I can't afford to fix my car, see a doctor for headaches, or save for my child's future. I'm a teacher in America."

"The country's roughly 3.2 million full-time public-school teachers (kindergarten through high school) are experiencing some of the worst wage stagnation of any profession, earning less on average, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than they did in 1990, according to Department of Education (DOE) data," Time's Katie Reilly reports in the piece, which also explores the lack of funding for public schools in the US.

The issue will be on newsstands the week of Sept. 24. See the covers ahead, and read Time's full feature here.

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