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Toddler Girl Holding Corn Dog Dances to Beyonce

Toddler With a Corn Dog Goes Viral For Basically Embodying Beyoncé In Every Way

Want to go viral on the internet? With one 15-second YouTube video, I believe we've finally cracked the code as to what will guarantee instant meme status. Thanks to Brooke Mooney, who shared a clip of her nearly-2-year-old daughter online, it's clear that all you need is to a) be an adorable toddler, b) hold a corn dog, and c) dance your heart out to Beyoncé. OK, having a wind machine doesn't hurt, either. Neither does having a jaunty ponytail, a teeny yellow cardigan, or an infectious giggle.

"Our little girl loves to dance," Brooke wrote in the caption of the video. "After being inspired by another little girl dancing, we caught the most epic hair blowing, corn-dog eating, Beyoncé-dancing video!"

The "Crazy In Love" dance clip already has more than 117,000 views on YouTube, but we envision "Baby Shark"-level numbers in no time.

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