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Toddler Has Metal Ball in Stomach After Eating Magnets

You Will Be Livid When You See What This Doctor Removed From a Little Boy's Stomach

Warning: if you have a little one at home, you might find yourself counting all of your coins and magnets lying around after reading this.

A small child from northern India had been suffering from extreme stomach pains, and each time his parents took him to the doctor, the 3-year-old boy was just given pain medicine. Last month, the toddler was admitted to a hospital for testing, and his first X-ray came back with shocking results: the little boy had a large ball of metal in his stomach.

The toddler was rushed into surgery to remove the clump of objects, and doctors discovered that his gut was completely damaged due to the 29 magnets that he ingested over a period of time. Dr. Brahm Datt Pathak, head of laparoscopic surgery at Metro Hospital in Faridabad, India, operated on the boy and explained that in addition to the magnets, he found a battery and coin in the child's system. "It seems he'd been swallowing these objects for over a year. I would even say it had become a habit for him," Datt Pathak said. "Surgery lasted for more than three hours, and my team and I felt we were just pulling more and more metal out his little stomach."

According to his surgeon, the toddler's family runs a jewelry-box-making business from their home and had leftover materials scattered about. With easy access to the objects, the boy started swallowing the magnets, which stuck together in his stomach to form the large metal ball that understandably caused great pain.

After spending a few days in the hospital recovering, the child is now at home where his family is hopefully keeping a watchful eye over their supplies.

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