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Toddler Helps His Baby Brother Out of His Crib

Boy Helping His Brother Out of a Crib Proves All Toddlers Are Evil Geniuses

CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Toddler helps baby brother out of crib!

Posted by Daily Bumps on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If you weren't already convinced that all toddlers are evil geniuses, you will be now thanks to Ollie Lanning, who helped his little brother, Finn, escape the prison-like confines of his crib. In an adorable video captured on a baby monitor that was posted to Facebook, Ollie can be seen encouraging Finn to jump out of his crib by grabbing him a plastic chair to stand on and demonstrating his own flawless technique (which seems to have been perfected since his own crib years).

At one point, little Finn glances up at the camera with his best "I know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm going to do it anyway" face and climbs out headfirst into his brother's arms. Although these boys seem like quite the mischievous pair, you can't argue with a strong brotherly bond.

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