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Toddler Unimpressed With New Baby Brother Video

This Toddler Is So Unimpressed by Her New Baby Brother, and We Don’t Like Change Either

Toddler seems unimpressed by new baby brother

UNIMPRESSED: This toddler doesn't appear to be too thrilled to meet her baby brother, hilariously staring plainly into the camera, barely acknowledging the new addition to the family.

Posted by ABC7 News on Monday, January 14, 2019

Listen, change is hard. Full-grown adults have a hard time adapting to new traditions, particularly ones they didn't choose for themselves. So, who can honestly blame this adorable North Carolina toddler for her less-than-thrilled reaction when presented with the ultimate switcheroo? As her newborn baby brother is placed on her lap, the little girl stares blankly, indifferently even, into the camera.

She doesn't cradle the baby in her arms — she doesn't even move a muscle, almost as if to make it abundantly clear she does not acknowledge this new addition to the family. Despite requests to kiss the baby, she stays true to her feelings until the video cuts out.

This encounter is sure to give any parents planning to expand their families a case of nervous laughter, but we're sure she'll acknowledge her brother's existence eventually. Right?

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