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Travel Booster Seat

This Portable and Affordable Car Seat Is the Answer to Your Travel Woes

The car seat dilemma is one of the trickiest to navigate for jet-setting parents of small children. Do you check the car seat, attach it to a clunky travel cart, and roll it through the airport or just rent one when you get to your destination? The new two-in-one travel booster seat by CarGo Seat ($60), designed for kids as young as 3 and as old as 10, offers a new — much better — alternative.

The colorful 3.8-pound polypropylene seat can be pulled through the airport by your little one like a mini carry-on. There's even an interior compartment where your child can pack a few favorite toys, books, or clothes for the trip. Once on board, it fits into the overhead compartment, and when you land, you need only hit to hit a button to convert it into a booster seat. It is designed to work any three-point seat belt. The seat is made for children 40 to 80 pounds in weight and less than 53 inches in height and conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. Now car safety is one less travel concern you have to worry about!

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