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Trick to Having a Positive Attitude

The 1 Thing This 9-Year-Old Kid Does Each Morning Will Make Your Day a Million Times Better

Lauren Cormier knows that it's important to teach your children lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives — and looking at the glass half-full is an important one. But sometimes practicing what they preach is a challenge for parents, and Cormier learned the key to starting each day on a positive note from an unlikely source: her 9-year-old son.

She shared her son's daily routine to her Facebook page, Oh, Honestly, so other families could give it a try:

Last week my nine-year-old told me about a new habit he's starting to form. It's something so simple, yet has the potential to profoundly change his life. Every morning he thinks of one or two things he's looking forward to that day. Little things like having gym class or getting pizza for lunch. In effect, he's training his mind to focus on the positive, which in turn, improves his entire attitude and outlook.

Cormier put her son's method to the test one morning, and the result highlights the difference between a child's way of thinking and how the adult mind works.

"This morning as we drove to school, I decided to extend his idea to the rest of us. I asked each of the kids to tell me one thing they were looking forward to today," she wrote. "After each of us had a turn, I thought about all the things they might not be looking forward to, but I didn't want to ruin what we had just done."

That's exactly when the mama discovered another helpful trick:

"Then I realized I could re-frame the negative. Instead of asking the kids to tell me something they weren't looking forward to, I asked them to tell me what I could pray about for them today. I explained that I spend my drive home praying for each of their days and that I'd love to be specific in my prayers," she said.

Cormier also reminded parents that starting the day in a positive mindset can have a long-term effect. "Our attitudes will make or break our day, week, month, year, LIFE. And although I believe that some people are naturally inclined to a sunnier outlook than others, I also believe that we can train ourselves to focus on the positive instead of the negative."

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