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Trolls Netflix Series

The Trolls Obssession Isn't Over Yet — Netflix Announced a New Series Streaming This Month!

If your kid loved the movie Trolls, and then had a full-on temper tantrum after the Trolls Holiday Special ended far too quickly (they could have warned us it was only 26 minutes long!) . . . and if they don't yet have the patience to wait until the Trolls 2 sequel comes out in 2020, you are in luck.

Netflix and DreamWorks recently announced a Trolls series. Yes, a SERIES!

Trolls: The Beat Goes On is an all-new chapter in the hair-raising adventures of Poppy, Branch, and friends as they keep the dance party raving in their fantastical forest home. The animated show picks up where the blockbuster film left off, with the trolls trying to adjust to a new life cohabiting with the grumpy Bergens.

The original series premieres on Jan. 19 with some new voices. Amanda Leighton and Skylar Astin (from Pitch Perfect fame who undoubtedly came highly recommended by costar Anna Kendrick) will be speaking and singing as Poppy and Branch. Don't freak out for your kids just yet: we're sure only parents will notice Anna and Justin Timberlake aren't in Troll Village.

Hair up!

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