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Uses For Baby Oil

20 Ways to Use Baby Oil (Other Than the Obvious)

If you have a baby, you probably have a bottle of baby oil in your medicine cabinet. Whether you use it or not, that's another story. Pediatricians these days tend to advise that less is more when it comes to applying products to a newborn. But that $3 bottle of oil can come in handy more times than you'd ever imagine. Take for instance . . .

  1. A gentle makeup remover: Put some on a Q-tip or cotton ball — it'll even get eye makeup off.
  2. Substitute it for shaving gel: If you're out of shaving cream or gel, use baby oil instead for a supersmooth shave (you may never go back).
  3. Untangle your necklaces: If your delicate chains are knotted, rub a bit of baby oil on them to grease up the chains and help you along.
  4. Prevent pregnancy stretch marks: It's never too soon to stock up on the baby-friendly products!
  5. Make a batch of Cloud Dough for the kids to play with: It's as simple as eight parts flour to one part baby oil.
  6. Use it as massage oil: If it feels great for the baby, it'll feel great for Mom or Dad, too!
  7. Add an extra layer of insulation: In the frigid weather, rubbing baby oil on exposed skin will help you to stay warm and prevent frostbite (PS Vaseline does the same!).
  8. Polish your shoes: It's a no-chemical alternative to harsh leather shoe polish.
  9. DIY manicure: Apply a tiny bit of baby oil to the area around your nails with a Q-tip to prevent nail polish from getting on your skin.
  10. Hydrate dry skin: Add a few drops to your usual moisturizer to make it extraeffective.
  11. Unzip a stuck zipper: It's just the right consistency to get that jacket or pair of jeans back on or off.
  12. Clean wooden furniture or floors: Use a small amount on a dust rag and rub in circular motions. Repeat with a clean cloth.
  13. Remove temporary tattoos: So much easier than scrubbing with soap and water.
  14. Fix squeaky door hinges: Like magic!
  15. Paint remover: Use baby oil to remove latex-based paint from skin.
  16. Bath oil: It'll leave your skin supersoft, especially in the dead of Winter.
  17. Treat cradle cap: Put a small amount on the baby's scalp and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush.
  18. Get gum off: If you have kids, you've likely gotten gum stuck in unwanted places before. Whether it's on your clothes, in your hair, or on furniture, saturate it with baby oil, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe away or brush off.
  19. Prevent soap-scum buildup in the shower: Just make sure you don't forget it's there and slip!
  20. Clean your makeup brushes: Every couple of weeks, bathe your brushes in a solution of baby oil and water.
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