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Vacuum Ponytail Hack

This Is the Most Bizarre Way to Put a Girl's Hair into a Ponytail We've Ever Seen

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If you've looked at our list of easy hairstyles for kids and felt overwhelmed, this unorthodox kids' ponytail hack might be more your speed.

Warning: we certainly don't recommend using a vacuum cleaner hose anywhere near your child's head (it seems more than a little dangerous and, well, dirty), but we can't say we weren't impressed by the scrappy parent who came up with this trick, and who was likely tired of having to constantly keep a squirming girl still long enough to gather up all her hair with a rubber band.

This resourceful mom prelooped a hair tie around a vacuum nozzle and then used the suction to instantly scoop up her daughter's hair, at which point she pushed the hair tie forward, and voilà! So, while we suggest you enjoy the above video, we insist you don't try this at home.

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